Who we are

Greentec is a dynamic Greek company that develops sustainable solutions for the food industry. Greentec is particularly focused in the design and manufacturing of innovative as well as sustainable machinery for the food processing industry.
Greentec was founded in 2010 in Nea Moudania, Greece by three people with years of experience and expertise, Alida Oroilidou, Agapios Chatziioannidis and Nikolaos Tellidis. Greentec is established in privately owned on the 3rd km from Nea Moudania to Thessaloniki.
A distinctive feature of the company is the friendly, honest and long-lasting relationship it retains with its customer as well as the distinguished quality products it offers and manufactures. It is for this reason that Greentec has a broad client portfolio within Greece as well as abroad. The countries in which Greentec mostly operates, among others, are Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey, Sudan as well as Georgia and Russia.
Our reputed brand machinery is of excellent quality and are exclusively imported from the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy.