What we do


Greentec has made its name synonymous with the high quality products that it trades and manufactures for different segments in which the company is operating like slaughterhouses, industrial bakery, hotels, olive processing, rendering and biological waste treatments.
Our company fully designs, develops and manufactures innovative and sustainable solutions for the professional food processing industry. Some of our solutions concern the processing of liquid waste, processing of solid waste, as well as the production of sustainable energy (i.e. solar powered).

 Meat processing solutions

Our company undertakes the complete study, industrial design and manufacturing of slaughtering and meat processing units. Our services are particularly related to the design, licensing, implementation study, supervision of the meat processing unit, drafting of a technical and economic study, as well as the sale and installation of industrial food processing equipment. Greentec also offers solutions for the broader spectrum of industrial meat processing, for example livestock sub-production inactivation units (rendering method), biofuel production units, biogas production units, slaughterhouse processing plants as well as composting plants. The rendering process for animal by-products or animal waste under certain categories of animal slaughter (categories 2 and 3) is aimed at producing high purity tradable animal fats which can be used as raw materials for technical applications (by technical applications we mean biofuels, feed materials, fertilizers etc.). Inactivation, commonly known as rendering, involves the heat treatment, sizing and separation of animal byproducts or waste into a solid-state byproduct (proteinic) and liquid fraction (fat).

 Waste water treatment solutions
Waste water treatment and management is the process that separates hazardous substances from water into sewage so that water can be used in the environment. Our company specializes in the construction of biological wastewater treatment units and treatment plants (primary, secondary and tertiary treatment). All of our machines are certified by the Greek state chemistry with the highest performing qualification figures. Our company specializes in full implementation studies, planning, supervision, licensing and construction of wastewater treatment and management units.

 Process cooling solutions
When you own a production facility or a building that houses large inventories of temperature sensitive food products, it is crucial for your business that your climate system runs smoothly at all times and that it maintains its reliability. Greentec is a true partner when it comes to designing process cooling solutions for your needs. Our Greentec consultants and experienced installers work with you on-site to develop a personalised solution for your business based on your needs, requirements, location, building restrictions and more. Whether you are looking for a plug-and-play solution, or something completely customised, we have the resources to provide both.

Our Projects

Meat Processing Facility – Skopje, FYROM


Pig Slaughterhouse – Tirana, Albania